Gerard Baholli

Work experience

Where I worked.
    • • PLSQL
      Package and procedure creation for Oracle systems.
    • • Oracle BI Publisher
      Oracle management reports (both ERP Cloud and EBS).
    • • Oracle APEX
      Oracle low-code development platform.
    • • RFID
      Project based on monitoring warehouse stocks with the use of RFID Technology. Project developed using Angular, for front-end, and an Aton Software with the integration of JavaScript code for the back-end.
    • • Other
      Prepared all necessary documentation regarding the softwares developed by the company and configured industrial devices such as palmtops and printers.


Where I studied.
  • Master's Degree in Information Technology

    • Distributed and Pervasive System
    • Software Development in complex working group
    • Statistical methods for Machine Learning
    • Security
    • Artificial Intelligence for Videogames
    • Online Game Design
    • Methods for Image Processing
    • Game and Level Design
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Computational Geometry
    • GPU Computing
    • Virtual Reality
    • 3D Videogames
  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology

    • Programming
    • Discrete Mathematics
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Web Design
    • Information Technology Law
    • Database Systems
    • Software Engineering
    • Formal Languages and Computability
    • Social media web e smart apps
    • Operating Systems
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • System Administration Lab
    • Project management
    • Operations Research
    • Computer Networks
    • Algorithms and Data Structures
    • Computer Architecture
    • Calculus

Personal Projects

Projects I've developed for myself learning.
  • A survival puzzle game where the player must withstand waves of boxes by shooting projectiles and directing them.
  • A strategy game for two players, involving the movement of marbles along the lines of the board. Online multiplayer is a work in progress...
  • Digital clock that uses preloaded images as digits.

University Projects

Projects I've developed during my university studies.
  • Implementation of an AI for Human Activity Recognition using OpenPose and TensorFlow on Google Colab in Python.
  • Implementation of an augmented reality videogame for iOS, made with AR Foundation in C# on Unity.
  • CUDA implementation of a parallel version of the Quickhull algorithm for solving the Convex Hull problem.
  • Implementation of the AI for an F1 driver using Behavior Trees and Final State Machines, in C# on Unity.
  • Implementation of a system for the classification of fruits images through neural networks, using TensorFlow on Google Colab in Python.
  • Creation of a 2D videogame with the implementation of the B├ęzier curve, developed in C# on Unity.
  • Implementation of a distributed system for pollution detection, developed in Java.
  • Implementation of the prototype of a multiplayer 3D video game, developed in C# on Unity using the Mirror library.
  • Realizzazione del Game Design, Level Design e prototipo di un videogioco.
  • Implementation of a simple version of Magic: The Gathering, in Java.
  • Implementation of T9 in F#.
  • PHP realization of an online video game store.
  • Design of a website for a museum.
  • Drafting of the requirements document and development of a Android application that shows the Italian schools on the map.

Online Courses Projects

Projects I've developed during the online courses I followed.
  • Overcooked is a fast-paced cooperative cooking game where players work together to prepare and serve dishes in chaotic kitchens.
  • A turn-based strategy game based on a grid system with the possibility for the player to use various actions and iterations.
  • A fast-paced classic Side-Scrolling Platformer using Unity's Tilemap tool.
  • A Tower Defense game with different tower types and enemy types, and a basic resources system.
  • A Top-Down Space Shooter with enemies to shoot and dodge.
  • A basic "Breakout" style game which introduces Unity's built in physics engine.
  • A Quiz Game that focuses on learning how to set up user interface in Unity.
  • A simple Side-Scrolling jumping game using Unity's sprite shape tool.
If you have questions or want to contact me, feel free to connect with me on any of the profiles listed on my website.


gerardbaholli at gmail dot com